Orange Peel Candle Tutorial

Denise from Mom in Madison created these sweet orange peel candles with beeswax. They’re perfect for the summer and help add a splash of cheer anywhere.

She cut the orange tops in zig zag patterns and took out the fruit before adding wicks and wax. You could use several other fruits or vegetables the same way to fit your theme like lemon, pineapple, lime or even an avocado.

Denise wrote an easy to follow tutorial for the orange skin beeswax candles at Mom in Madison if you’re interested. While you’re at it, check out her other fun craft ideas.


  1. Dameon says

    This is a bad idea. The oils in orange peels are highly flammable. My wife tried an idea like this years ago and after about half an hour the whole thing went up in flames in the middle of our dining room table.


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