SanteFe Beeswax Candles

Karunakar RaykerIf you love beeswax candles, check out SantaFe for good quality affordable candles. Their website is also extremely well laid out and informative.

I learned that any candle maker can label their candles beeswax even if it only contains 10% beeswax.

There’s also some interesting information on bees and the benefits of beeswax to our health. Since they’re non toxic they’re used by many people with allergies and can help improve the air.

SantaFe sells traditional tapers, votives, tealights, rolled honeycomb candles and seasonal selections. To learn more about beeswax, see SantaFe’s Pure Beeswax Candles website.


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    I totally agree on using beeswax when making candles. It’s non-toxic and can help people with allergies and sinus problems. According to entomologist Bill Reno, burning beeswax produces negative ions. Negative ions are nature’s air purifiers, cleaning the air of dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.

    Aside from beautiful, they are also natural and relatively easy to make and have a naturally sweet, honeyed scent. Therefore, even those candles that are made with beeswax without any added aromas will still have a pleasant smell when burn.

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