Award Winning Multi Flame Candle

Bravit CandleThanks to (Interior Design) I came across this unique Bravit multi flame candle designed by Christoph van Bommel.

He started out training as a cabinetmaker but continued on to study industrial design in the Netherlands at the Design Academy Eindhoven and university in Germany. You can find more information at Van Bommel’s Studio.

The Bravit candle design has won several awards. A great thing about this candle is that it lasts for hours and you never know which way it will burn. The candle has several wicks and there can be as many as five going at the same time.

It would be fun coming up with new versions of this. Different shapes and colors could put a whole new spin on it. I still like the Bravit candle the way that it is and it would make an elegant conversation piece for dinner or a party.


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    Thanks for stopping by! I’m enjoying Julie’s X Stitching site so thanks for sharing the link. I will probably be lost there for a long time. :)

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