Baby Food Jar Camping Candle Lantern

Jeff from Gear Report made this quick yet functional camping candle lantern out of a baby food jar and guitar string.

He suggests you use them for gift giving because “nothing says you care like a used baby food jar and some old guitar string”. Ha.

You could always jazz it up with paint. A few bright ladybugs might be cute or fish for an angler. That would actually make a good Father’s Day present that children could create. Supply a few back up tea lights and he’s good to go fishing  in the evening.

Weaving the wire around the jar and creating the handle makes it a handy little lantern to have on hand. I haven’t had babies around in awhile and for that reason I might stick with tin cans and canning jars.

See Jeff’s article called Camping homemade DIY candle lantern for the full tutorial.


  1. Dale says

    I just have to tell you, I love getting your email every day. There is always at least one “great-for-me” idea. Yours is the one “junk**” email I ALWAYS read (devour) or at least archive for later. How much time do you spend online every day to bring us your wonderful compendium?

    **junk means not from family or personal friend.

  2. says

    Thanks Dale! I really do have fun with it. I’m afraid to actually get a timer out, but I suspect it’s too much time online. 😉

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