Bite-Lite Launches Mosquito Repelling Candles

Bite Lite CandlesBite-Lite® LLC has launched their mosquito repelling candles in Las Vegas at the National Hardware Show. Apparently, the formula was developed by  Bedoukian Research Inc. and is made with natural ingredients.

According to a press release through, monkeys seem to instinctively know what fruits and plants to rub themselves with to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. Scientists observed this and came up with a repellent made with essential oils.

But according to the article, “For Monkeys, A Millipede a Day Keeps Mosquitoes Away” by Natalie Angier in the New York Times, monkeys rub themselves with millipedes to keep mosquitoes away.  Maybe they do both. Either way, the lemon grass and spearmint scents might make a nice change from Citronella candles.  To find out more about the mosquito repelling candles, visit Brite-Lite Candles.

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