Blogtipping Day at Candle Making

Okay I’m a little late so it’s more like blogtipping evening. In case you missed it last month blogtipping day is the first calendar day of each month and we’ll be tipping and/or offering compliments to crafty blogs.

Blogtippee 1. PattieWack Blog: Pattie Donham is a crafty queen and she just got a new fan. This woman is into everything!

Rip Candle1. I loved her “Rip it Up!” post on how she recycles fabrics by ripping them up into 1 inch strips and tying them up everywhere. Somehow it works. Shown here is a candle stick decorated with ripped fabric.

2. Pattie made some ice candles back in December and you can catch the segment on CBS Six In The Morning Clips. I love her double boiler. It’s a coffee can in a pot just like mine. Ice candles are fun, easy and beautiful. She suggests throwing tacks or glitter in along with the ice for added decor.

3. It’s a little early for Jazzy Jack-O-Lanterns but it’s not really a jack-o-lantern and you could do this any time of year. You get a little glass globe candle holder, tape the shape of your design on with masking tape, smear it with glue and add the sparkles. For a demonstration see Jazzy Jack-O-Lanterns on CBS.

Blogtippee 2. Heartland MarketPlace Blog Heartland has tons of Marketplace shoppes and I could get lost there for hours.

1. Their newest client is Pipberry Place, a beautiful primitive shoppe offering bath and body products as well as candles.

2. Prim Flicker Flameless Candles from Pipberry Place are made from real wax. Each one comes with a battery powered flickering tea light.

tart warmer3. Another one of my favorites from Pipberry Place is their Iron Skillet Tart Warmer. It just gives me that cozy country feel.

Blogtippee 3. Last but not least is Amy from Craft Chi. I love the name.

1. Check out this batiked candle project. A beautiful painting on a plain candle with crayons! A simple idea yet such an elegant design.batiked candle

2. Another crazy craft from Craft Chi is called a candle jar cozy. Just wrap up those candle jars with pantyhose. For an even jazzier look, tear a few holes into them.

can canisters3. Canned Canisters. Amy didn’t use them for candles but we could. What a great idea. Reuse those cans and cover them up with pretty fabric, paper or paint.

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  1. Melody says

    I have only made a few candles but as always I never know how to price them…any suggestions as to how to figure it out would be helpful…Thanks Melody


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