Blogtipping Day Begins

Thanks to Bev who admits to a severe addiction to crafts at Easy Crafts 4 Fun, Blogtipping Day for Candle Making at Craft Gossip has begun. Bev’s Blogtipping Definition: “Blogtipping is where you publish a blog post in which you link to three unsuspecting blogs and offer three compliments and/or one helpful tip to each blogger. (Or adapt those numbers to your own preferences; the principle of selflessness is what matters most here.) Blogtipping is a refreshing and useful surprise that can start a blogger’s month with a huge smile!” It’s a great idea and beginning today, the first calendar day of each month will be a new blogtipping day.

Blogtippee 1. The Best Arts Crafts and Gifts – The blog that has news all about your favorite arts and crafts.

1. Of course the post on candle making is my favorite and goes into the history of candles, making richly scented candles and candle superstitions. I did not know that the word votive originated from the Latin word votim which means a promise to God, a prayer or a wish.

2. Lisa Chambers shares a different soap making recipe that includes confectionery sugar or icing sugar which is a combination of corn starch and sugar. I never would have thought of that but corn starch is used in place of talcum powder for skin so I think it’s a great idea!

3. The post on gift ideas had some good common sense tips such as shop ahead of time, set your budget and be original. Perhaps next year.

Blogtippee 2. Ask the Crafter Got a crafting question? They will sort it out for you!

1. Experts on all sorts of crafts gather here including art dolls, decorative arts, polymer clay, soap making, quilting, crochet and more. They each have their own individual blogs as well and I will have fun discovering them more in the future.

2. There are questions on glue and specifically what glue to use to apply an applique and how to remove hot glue from clothing. Good to know!

3. Other questions that were handy for candle making or creating candle holders included how to get a two toned effect with sparkles, how to glue fabric onto glass and how to remove Mod Podge from glass. Ask a crafter is a wonderful idea for a blog and I’m looking forward to reading more of the questions and possibly asking some myself.

Blogtippee 3. Good Scents & Appalachian Soaps – Handmade candles and soap by Appalachian folks!

1. Good Scents Candle Store is fun to browse. They have a little bit of everything including aromatherapy candles, soy candles, container candles, chunk candles, tarts, pillars and bath products.

2. The old time soap recipe was pretty crazy but interesting. Ingredients used back in 1896 include ammonia, gasoline, bleach and borax!

3. Their new soaps sound like they smell great and are practical. I would like to check out their gardening soap as well as their neem based soap made to repel insects. Berry Picking Time sounds like a yummy soap too but will probably start with trying the insect repellent soap since it is that time of year.

Check back the beginning of next month to see who else gets blogtipped and/or start blogtipping yourself!


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