Candle Carving

carved candle

All Candle Quilters hand carved candles contain a tube that is filled
with candle oil allowing you to keep the design intact so that only the inside burns. Shown here is bows and sashes hand carved style candle in yellow and green. Colors can also be customized.

 To see more of their selections and styles check out Candle Quilter’s gallery. 

If you would like to try your hand at carving your own candles, The Candle Carving Site offers a free guide to candle carving different designs showing which tools and methods to use.

Here’s one of my favorite candle carving videos from Tracy Birch that I posted previously.

Candle Fun offers more detailed instructions on DVD.  I would love to learn how to do this. I suspect it would take a lot of practice to make something presentable.



  1. Jane Marbaix says

    I make candles but would love to learn advanced candle making and also to make candles like Tracy Birch. I would be grateful for any information about finding candle making courses – does Tracy teach?
    Thanks for any help

  2. Bob Conner says

    Did can Candle Fun go out of business? There website does not appear when I click on their link?


  3. Nancy says

    Yes CandleFun is very much still in business. I took a private lesson from him at BitterCreeks convention in May and now I’m hooked. I LOVE these candles. I purchased one from him yesterday for a bridal shower gift and the woman was so impressed with it that they are going to use it in the wedding. Have you seen the candles with the LED light in the bottom???? They are beautiful.


  4. says

    Good to know Nancy, thanks. I will have to check it out to see which candle you’re referring to with the LED light.

  5. John Picton says

    There’s a book out on this, much much much cheaper than the candle fun DVD.

    ‘Cut and Carve Candles’ by Dana Marie Brooks.

    I bought it on Ebay. I basically think it’s very good, although it could possible do with a little bit more detail on the tricky cuts.

    The thing about candle carving is it’s not THAT hard. It is expensive to set everything up though.

  6. says


    I adore the carved candles and would love to try my hand at making them but I can’t find where to purchase the mould for the core candle? Do you where I can buy the mould for the core candle from?

  7. Larry says

    I bought John’s system several years ago and have sold them at juried festivals, open festivals and flea markets. I have gotten several orders for specialty candles as well. I especially like not having to worry about wick size and appreciate the ease of using the carving rack that John invented

  8. hal says

    hey guys i am looking for a candle carving lesson i once found some place in pennsilvania but forgot the website. i live in michigan anybody have info please advice thanks hal.

  9. donyelle ducre says

    Does anyone know how to use the mold conversion kit that comes from candlefun? I have one but the candle is stuck to it and I can’t get the candle off of it without cutting it off. The candle will come out of the mold but only with the conversion kit stuck to it.

  10. Brandy says

    I would love to find where I could see a carved candle with the swans or some carvings that show the light coming though the candle. I seen it on How Its Made and now I want to know how to do these carvings or just buy some candles. They are so beautiful!

  11. Priti says

    Hi ,
    I have purchased the material from . I have tried to carve the candles , but unfortunately when i try to carve the candle the layers start seperating . I have mixed the micro crystalline wax into the paraffn wax as suggested . any suggestions on this .. is there anything else i need to do .. any help is appreciated ..

  12. renu says


    i would really like to know everything about candle carving like what wax is used,the temperatures,about the tools,what is used for the final shining touch. can u please help me out with the whole detail about the making of carved candle. i really want to learn this. am a beginner. so please do help. looking forward for your reply.

    thank you

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