Candle Crazy Celebrities

Celebrities love burning scented candles and I was curious about which ones were their favorites. Here is a list of a few of those discoveries.

Jay Z, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are big fans of candles from the famous Diptyque company. I’m not sure which scents they like, but Mexican orange blossom sounds good.  At a little over $10 an ounce, it better be.

Lopez also loves Jo Malone Grapefruit and Lime Blossom candles. The company has a knack for making all their fragrance blends smell and sound divine!

Oprah Winfery finds scented candles relaxing and says that Rain scented Votivo candles are her favorite. I haven’t tried this particular scent, although I do love China Rain fragrance oil in my candles.

According to Show Biz Spy, Johnny Depp’s favorite candle scents are spice and lavender. This tidbit was discovered while filming The Tourist.

Johnny burned scented candles constantly in his trailer and they cost him $100 dollars a day! There are worse things he could spend his money on.

The Kringle Candle Company is one of Kathie Lee Gifford’s favorite things. She spoke about the company on the Today show and the unique thing about them is that all their candles are white. I’m not sure if I like that idea, but it certainly makes them stand out.







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