Candle Making With Found Objects

I hit the thrift store today and found some interesting glasses and objects to make candles with.

The curvy ones were perfect for pina colada candles and the glass mugs worked out for root beer.

I decided to fill the espresso cups, crystal glasses and sugar bowl with semi sweet chocolate fragrance oil.

To make these candles all I used was a double boiler, candle wicks, container wax, candle fragrance oil and dye.

It’s a great way to upcycle things that might not have been used otherwise! To check out some more ideas, see Ashley’s gorgeous vintage candle tins.


  1. Kelly says

    Just a warning to those wanting to try this, make sure you research wicking/wax BEFORE you attempt to make candles out of recycled things!! If you use the wrong wick for the wrong wax, or use the wrong size wick for the container that you are using…or add too much fragrance oil, you can cause a serious fire! The best choice for candles (if you are going to use recycled containers) is clean/undamaged canning jars, because they are made to take the heat. Just my two cents. I’ve been making candles for ten years now and had a business for 8 of those 10, so I know what I am talking about. :)

  2. says

    Thanks for the tip Kelly! It is definitely important to test wicks ahead of time for safety reasons and to save time. If you end up with a wick that’s too big or small or your candles are smoking too much, you wasted a lot of time.

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