Candle Molds Cast from Vintage Ceramics

Rose creates handmade candles in her Etsy shop by casting molds from vintage ceramics and figurines. The result is original candles that make beautiful displays.

It’s a brilliant business idea that gives customers the opportunity to obtain unique candles that can’t be found anywhere else.

Shown here are a couple of baby quail candles. Rose cast the mold from a ceramic figurine and hand poured soy wax into it. To see more of these one-of-a-kind candles, visit Rosekraft on Esty.


  1. Julie O says

    Keepsake Candles in Oklahoma has been doing this for many years (probably 30-ish). The outside of the candle is made of a different type of wax that doesn’t melt while the inside does. They’re really neat and gorgeous when lit. (not affiliated with the store, just grew up in a nearby town and we went there a lot to visit and shop) :)

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