Candle Shack’s Best Selling Candle Scents

It looks like vanilla and lavender are no longer in the lead for best selling candle scents according to Candle Shack.

They’re a family run business with four core values: “Hurt Nobody, Stand Out, Enjoy Life and Be the Best.” Candle Shack only launched their soy candle business in the UK a little over a year ago, and business is rocking thanks to their strange scents.

Here are Candle Shack’s three best selling candle scents this year:

“1. Sweet Orange and Chilli Pepper: A sweet and spicy blend of Orange Zest, Tangarine, Bergamot, Cassis and Neroli with undertones of Black-Pepper, Chilli and Musk.

2. Cucumber and Wasabi: Grapefruit and Lime, with heart notes of Cucumber, Guava and Passion Fruit, perfectly balanced with base notes of Japanese Wasabi and Coriander

3. Clean Cotton & Amber: Clean Cotton with White Blossom top notes, Cashmere heart notes and Amber, Musk and a hint of Patchouli.” (source: PR)

All of their eco-friendly soy candles are handmade in England, but if you’re nowhere near there you can still visit Candle Shack’s website.

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