Candle Wedding Favors

beachbuckets.jpgCatalina Candles have the cutest candle favors for guests to take home as elegant thank you gifts. They would also make a fun display for them to remember the wedding with.

For a unique beach wedding, check out their “beaches” tin pail candle with authentic shells. They feature a pretty scallop-conch-starfish design on the outside with shells embedded in the wax. They’re finished off with a lovely organza ribbon.seashell candle

Another charming beach themed wedding candle is their “seaside” beach candles. The set features a realistic looking starfish, conch shell and scallop shell.

If you’re looking for a more elegant traditional look, try their long stem rose candle in a showcase cylinder box with a ribbon. They come in red, white and pink but I find red to be most romantic. They would look pretty greeting guests at rose candleeach place setting.

A whimsical candle that would make a great Vegas wedding favor is their “lucky in love” four suits candle set in an adorable display box.


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