Candles & Daisies for Wedding Centerpiece

Emily from Oregon shared this idea for an easy daisy and candle centerpiece at Do it Yourself Weddings.  She created this for her own wedding after deciding she was going for a “casual fun vibe”.

I love the simplicity of it as sometimes those fancy flower arrangements get a little too  busy.

Any sort of flower would work with this, but since daisies are tough, they were a smart choice. At least they won’t wilt as fast as more delicate flowers.  See Candle & Daisy Wedding Centerpiece for more.

Daisy candle centerpieceHere’s another candle and daisy centerpiece  idea that I found through eHow. The gingham ribbon is a nice touch.

This look would be perfect for an outdoor wedding in the country.  The yellow candle is also cheerful and we could all use more of that, especially at a wedding.

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