Candles for Meditation and Affirmations

affirmation candlesI’m into meditating and today I came across these fabulous affirmation Candles by Monteserrat.
I would choose the red. It says, “I am strong, full of power and courage.” I have actually been rather sick and weak lately but could use the boost.

Affirmations might not cure a cold but combined with meditation they do improve your mood. Colors and scents are also therapeutic.

I have a thing for red. My living room is cranberry red. It’s lively and increases the appetite which is why many restaurants use it.

This particular candle is scented with cloves. Cloves are stimulating and spicy so combining it with a red candle makes sense although if making myself I would throw in cinnamon. There’s something about baking scents that are comforting.

fairy candleAromatherapy, combined with candles, meditation and positive affirmations are nice ways to start the morning or end the day.

The Candles by Monteserrat are beautiful. There are fairy candles, angels, mermaids and animal totems. Take a tour when you get a chance. Right now they have a two for one sale on so it’s a good time to check it out.


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