Candles Instead of Electric Light

Candle-Poise LampCandle-Poise is a collection of candle lights that promotes candle use instead of light bulbs. The lights have rotating reflector plates and are fully adjustable. Chris is the designer of the lights and he also designs furniture. He founded Gaze Burvill with Simon Burvill back in 1992 but is now a freelance designer specializing in furniture, housewares and lighting.

The design is simple, sleek and effective and I love the fact that you can adjust the direction of the light. I wouldn’t necessarily replace all my light bulbs with them, but I think it’s a wonderful design and idea. Often I light candles while at my desk and having a candle desk lamp combo would be a bonus.
Candle Wall Lamp Shown here is a candle wall lamp which is a modern twist on a traditional sconce. These are fairly new designs and Chris can be contacted through phone or email on his website if you’re interested in purchasing, distributing or marketing them.


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