Candles Off Main Included in 20 Best Facebook Pages

According to Inc. magazine, Candles Off Main is one of the 20 best company Facebook pages. They’re always offering discounts, new fun fragrances and giveaways. Consequently, Candles Off Main has 2,719 fans on Facebook.

Candles Off Main specialize in luxury home fragrances, with separate lines like A Scent of Scandal candles to keep things interesting. Also, they created Nest Blue Garden, which is a soft floral fragrance that was made specifically to raise money for Autism Speaks.

I really like Ana Design funky looking striped candles (flamingo tulip shown here). It would be a great way to add color to a dull room. See Candles Off Main Facebook page for more information about their giveaways and wide selection of scented candles.


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