Adding a little rustic flare to your décor may be just the extra touch your space is needing.  This is great to incorporate for summer decorating and fall as well.   It would even carry through well into the winter with …

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Warm nights bring on the opportunity to have outdoor events such as parties, BBQ’s, and get-togethers.  However, they also bring out the insects and sometimes those insects can be more of a pest to us than anything.  Did you know …

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Beeswax has long been one of the most common materials used in candle making.  It’s recent popularity is largely due to its characteristics of having a clean, fresh, and natural smell.  It also has the capabilities of burning longer and cleaner than other types of wax …

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With the invention of electricity, the art of candle making has been somewhat put on the back burner.  Here I’ve found 5 great ideas for making your own candles.  How fun would these be to make up for cute little …

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Wondering what to with the flowers and candles that you received for Valentine’s Day?

Combine them to turn them into a beautiful luminary. has a great article that shows you how.

Get full details here: Post Valentine’s Day Candle

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We all know about man candles, right? No? Well here is an update for you.

Yankee candles came out with the ManCandle range of candles last year that were quite a hit. With scents like Mantown and Fresh Cut Grass, …

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What a clever idea!

It’s the easiest way to create your own DIY photo stands. All you need are some candles and a craft knife.

Get more details about this clever fix at hometreeatlas: DIY Candle Photo Stands.…

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Forget Jack-O-Lanterns, now we have these very easy to make Jar-O-Lanterns. These are made (obviously) from old jars and some paint. Very quick to make and great for all ages. These would look fantastic lining a front porch or pathway.…

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This easy tutorial explains how to use washi tape and basic candle making materials to create a mini soy candle that is perfect for your desk or as part of a gift.

Simple, quick and beautiful!

Get the details here …

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This is a tutorial for a lovely homemade teacup candle.

It is made using a vintage style teacup & saucer from a charity/thrift shop and some old beeswax candles.

Sian used lavender oil & flowers for the scent and she …

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