Cinnamon Bun Candles

Tonight I made a couple cinnamon bun candles after purchasing the cinnamon roll fragrance oil to match it. 30 ml (2 tbsp) of the fragrance in a pound (453 g) was quite sufficient.

I swear you can even smell the icing! I used a plastic mold that I bought off  Ebay awhile ago.

The wax is a para-soy blend (IGI 6028) and I love it! It slides out of the molds so easily and has an excellent scent throw.

This particular wax is for votives and pillars, and I’m going to try the votives tomorrow. It comes out with a very smooth finish and doesn’t require a second pour.

I decided to use a smaller wick on this candle so that the bun would keep its shape longer and I’m pleased with the results. Has anyone made hand-rolled cinnamon bun candles? That might be fun to try.

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