Coffee & Tea Candles

coffee cup candleI have overindulged in coffee so my sleep cycle is quite mixed up but I still have coffee on the brain. If you’re into coffee too, here’s a nice coffee scented candle in a mug shape surrounded by coffee beans.

If tea is your thing, tea cup candles are all over the place. They would also be an easy fun gift to make.

teacup candleI often see gorgeous antique tea cups at thrift stores that are beautiful for displaying candles.

Here’s an example of a cheerful teacup candle called Ambrosia from Tracy Porter. It would definitely add some color and cheer to your home.


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    This is such a nice candle, I must, I drink a little to much java myself, perhaps this candle would be better served on my table than in my stomach,lol!

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    Chantel, it is pretty. I hear that about drinking too much coffee though. It’s one of the few vices I have left but I need to cut down. I’m not sure if smelling a coffee candle will help with that.

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    The first one is great with the coffee beans around the outside. The tea candle would be better if it was colored like tea. But very cute anyways.


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