Conversations with Craft Wars Judge & Michaels’ Crafting Expert Jo Pearson!

20120814-194552.jpg It’s no secret that I spent the last few days in Dallas representing Craft Gossip at a blogger event. Check out my daily roundups from yesterday and the day before for a taste of what I got up to, the crafts all of us bloggers got to make, and some of the new products Michaels will be carrying this year.

Not unimportantly, however, was getting to meet and craft with Jo Pearson, known most recently for being a judge on TLC’s Craft Wars, and longtime creative force behind Michaels Stores’ craft inspiration sheets, online videos, craft cruises and more. She has a total dream job!

After breakfast on Monday, Jo answered some questions we all submitted before the event. I passed on the questions you guys submitted in the comments on this post, but wasn’t able to get answers to all of them since there were 15 of us asking just one person tons of stuff.

All about Craft Wars

A lot of the bloggers wanted to know about Craft Wars (even though one of us, Beckie of Infarrantly Creative, will be competing on an upcoming episode!). The scoop on Craft Wars is that it’s completely produced and owned by TLC. When they hadd the idea for the show, they approached Jo individually to be a judge. Since she also works for Michaels, she talkedd to the Michaels team about the opportunity. Long story short, Jo ended up being hired to judge Craft Wars, and Michaels seccured a spot as the supply sponsor for the whole thing.

Jo talked about the craziness of the Craft Wars TV set, and she had a couplle things to share right away. TLC does not decide who wins each episode, it’s completely up to the three judges. Jo also said that if it were up to her, she’d have picked out different supplies for the contestants to work with.

Members of Michaels’ PR firm were there for our group chat with Jo and helped answer a few questions too. Most notably, they said that Michaels doesn’t currently know if TLC is planning a second season of the show.

The Michaels Crafting Team

Jo heads up Michaels’ team of about 6 crafters who design the projects you see in stores, ads, classes, etc. Every day in Jo’s life is a little different, and she loves what she does. She said that she and her team  are all passionate about what they do. “We craft from the inside out,” Jo says. “We’re makers.”

I meant it when I said she has a total dream job!


  1. Judith Looker says

    Craft Wars does not deserve to be back another season. The show is a waste of good, usable products and teaches nothing. There is no sense of humor or friendliness. I would rather be crafting.

  2. says

    ITA with Judith’s statements above, and have been soooo disappointed with the show! It seems devoid of personality, too, almost “fake” in terms of mood and tone! Additionally, I see a great deal of wastefulness which is a shame. We are supposed to be following the three R’s (Reduce reuse and recycle) even in crafting. ~ Ali

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