Craft Gossip Visits Michaels Stores’ Headquarters!

Hey all, this is Heidi, your friendly Candle Making Editor. I have some exciting news to share today – Michaels has invited a bunch of craft bloggers to attend a summit this week, and I’ll be there representing Craft Gossip! We’re going to have the opportunity to check out some of their new products, tour the facilities, and even meet Craft Wars judge Jo Pearson. I head out tomorrow for my first-ever visit to Texas. If anyone has questions for me (or for me to ask Jo Pearson or the Michaels staff), leave them in the comments, and I’ll answer them asap!


  1. Lauren aka Giddy99 says

    Oh, my, this is TOO tempting. Please tell Michael’s HQ that the Nashville West store is always running out of DMC embroidery floss. The good colors, anyway. The dull colors are still in abundance. 😉

  2. Mary says

    Please ask Michaels to get Electric Carts for those of us who cannot walk/stand long enough to check out what we want.

    Louisville, KY

  3. leida says

    For Michaels HQ Attn Jo Pearson- please change the format of the craft wars show. though I love the concept, this show is not true to crafters! I belong to five crafting groups and all hate the show because of its format. dont give a crafter, someone who is passionate about their creativity, an hour to design something out of basically nothing and then criticize the process instead of the outcome! crafting is an art. For the majority of us, it is a stress free stolen moment. Doesn’t matter how many people are helping, a true crafter and artist really prefers to do it all themselves, and when time is a factor don’t interrupt to ask stupid questions or put doubt in their minds!

    I am hoping against hope the this show becomes a hit so that there will be a bunch of copycat shows in the TV seasons to follow.

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