Create colorful chunk candles

If you have a few wax bits around that you don’t know what to do with, try recycling them into a beautiful chunk candle!

If you don’t, you can still make your own chunks. Just pour some colored wax onto cookie sheets about a half inch and cut into pieces once cooled.

First, thread your cotton wick through your mold and seal with putty or a plug. Then fill the mold until it’s almost full with chunks. I like lots of chunks anyway.

Heat some wax to it’s specified melting point and add color and scent if desired. I added vanilla scent for candles because that’s what I have left and a tiny bit of solid yellow dye.

Pour the melted wax slowly into the mold and over the chunks. This particular mold only required about a half a pound of wax since it was so full of chunks. It measures 3 and ¾ inches by 6.

Cool and save some wax for a second pour if you get a sink hole. Wait for it to cool again and release from the mold. The hardest part of making this chunk candle for me was the waiting.


  1. says

    Cool candle. I love the idea of recycling candle stubs – awesome way to reuse and get the last bit of life from things.

    I wonder how it melts – do the chunks melt at different rates? :-)

  2. says

    Jill, I guess I’ll find out. I’m assuming it will burn smooth because the wax was hot when poured. I hope everything melted together enough.


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