Create Decorative Beeswax Candles

I found two fun videos from Expert Village on how to make decorative beeswax candles from things around the house. Rachel uses cookie cutters, bottle caps and a knife to create flowers from colored beeswax.

In the first video Rachel shows us how to make the flowers. See: How to cut wax shapes for candles

In the second video she shows us how to attach the flowers to candles. This could be as colorful or busy as you want. Beeswax comes in sheets and you can it find in various colors to use for decorating. See: How to add wax shapes to candles

You can find the beeswax sheets at Country Lane Candle Supplies & Soap Expressions. Making rolled beeswax candles is easy and they make pretty, practical and colorful gifts. You can make layers of colors and decorate them with one or more of your cookie cutter flowers.


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    Hi, thanks for linking to Expert Village videos on your blog! I know that some of our series are hard to piece together on YouTube, so I just wanted to let you know that we have two full series on candle making over at our website.

    How to make decorative candles:

    How to make candles:

    Thanks again for linking to us!

    – the Expert Village team

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