Creating Aromatherapy Candles

LavenderAdding a few drops of essential oil to your melted wax before pouring is a simple way to make an aromatherapy candle. Alternately, if you want to add an aromatherapy scent to an unscented candle you can put several drops of essential oil around the wick before lighting. Essential oils are not the same as manufactured perfume scents because the oil is distilled from the actual plants leaves and stems as opposed to being chemical or man made.

Some suggested scents to alleviate different ailments and moods:

Lavender and Bergamot are good for anxiety. I find Lavender especially soothing and it is a pleasant smell most men enjoy. According to Fox News, every smell boosts men’s sexual arousal, but Lavender and the smell of pumpkin pie knocks it up 40% more. Lavender and Jasmine are recommended scents for depression.

Chamomile tea has been known to sooth shattered nerves and this essential oil’s smell is also comforting for irritability.
Ylang Ylang is one of my favorites and is supposed to be both relaxing and stimulating because it is touted to be both an aphrodisiac and an antidepressant. Bergamot is also used to lift spirits.

Peppermint and Citronella help invigorate you which makes sense because they are both refreshing.

For some essential oil recipe combinations see Ananda Apothecary’s site. They are for air fresheners, but if you reduce the amounts to a couple drops each they would also work for candles. I especially like their recipe called “essential sunshine”, a combination of lime, orange, grapefruit and patchouli. Candles by Montserrat offers many different essential oils for sale along with candle making lessons.

There’s an ancient soothing appeal to candles, but when you add an aromatherapy scent to them it can add to the ambiance by influencing your mood further.

If anyone has an essential oil recipe combo for pumpkin pie spice, let me know!


  1. Susan says

    I am just beginning to dabble in aromatherapy, but here is a recipe I made for a pumpkin pie-lavender massage oil. Perhaps you could modify it for your use: 15 drops cinnamon leaf, 8 drops nutmeg, 4 drops ginger, 4 drops clove, 5 drops anise oil, 12 drops lavender.

  2. says

    Please give me some insight on how to have more “throw” when I make my soy candles that are scented with only essential oils. I don’t like strong scents, but the oils of citrus are undetectable when the candle burns. I have added defractionated coconut and still no difference. Any advice for this?

    thanks so much.


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