Cut N Carve Candle Instructions

Cut N Curl CandlesI was pleased to find these candle carving instructions through One Stop Candle. Plenty of people have expressed an interest in learning but classes can be very expensive.

I imagine candle carving takes a lot of practice and I think it would be best to do one at time until you get it right. No harm in mashing a candle up and remelting it to try again either.

Cut N Curl Candle Project 1

Cut N Curl Candle Making Project 2 

Cut N Curl Candle Making Project 3 

Cut N Curl Candle Making Project 4 

If you try it, let me know and send me a pic and I will put it up along with my messy experiments.


  1. Sanjiv B Walanj says

    The candles are beautiful. and you show the making procedure is very simple.
    thanks a lot.

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