Different Types of Candle Dyes

There are several types of dyes to use in candle making and which one you use depends on how much you want to make, as well as what you’re willing to pay. The four main types of candle dyes include: liquid, candle chips, dye blocks and powder.


Candle Dye Blocks

Dye blocks come in a variety of colors and each one will dye 5 pounds of candle wax (or more depending on the strength desired). It’s a little trickier when you only want to dye one pound, but it’s possible. Keep records of how much you used so that you can duplicate it later. This is one of the least expensive methods, even though accuracy in small batches needs to be fine tuned.

 Powdered Candle Dye

This is extremely concentrated and doesn’t come in as many colors. If you like to mix colors and you have tons of candles to make, powder might work for you. Most of the other dyes are based on powder dyes that someone has premixed for you. You only need to add .01% to .05% of this candle dye to your wax. It could be difficult for small batches.

 Liquid Candle Dye

Liquid candle dye works well, but it can get messy. If you use a dropper and keep it sealed when not in use, you may avoid staining everything. The colors are bright and you only need 4 to 8 drops per pound. 1 oz. (30 ml) will color 125 pounds (56.69 kg), so a little goes a long way. This is also an inexpensive way to go.

 Candle Dye Chips

These are my favorite because you simply add one chip per pound and the colors are very precise. You can find just about any shade in chip form. Sometimes they’re in diamond shapes and others are in circles. You usually get 10 chips for a couple dollars, which is reasonable especially if you’re only dyeing 1 or 2 pounds.

So, the bottom line is that if you’re into mass production, go for powders, liquids or blocks. If you only want to dye small amounts of candle wax, dye chips are much more convenient.




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