Dipped Tapered Candles

Today I tried my hand at the ancient tradition of dipping candles. I decided upon the color black but after the chips melted they were purple. Both my daughter and husband informed me it was purple but I was in denial and said it was simply grey and added more dye.

Dipped CandlesYou can dip candles two at a time if you use a long enough wick. It also helps to have a weight on each end so that the wick isn’t floating off everywhere. My husband was kind enough to rifle through his tackle box to get me a couple fishing sinkers which I used for weights.

Next I dipped both wick ends into the heated wax. I probably did it over fifty times. People who did this frequently must have had very good arms because I was feeling it.

After dipping them into the hot wax, plunge them into cold water. I used a wide juice jug that was close by for that purpose. After a couple seconds, dip them into the wax again until you have them built up as wide as you want.

Dipped CandlesAfter they looked thick enough I hung them on a nail to dry. A few hours later I cut off the weights. If you use a coffee can they will only be so long because cutting the weights shortens the candle further. It was still fun and I’m happy with my stubby dipped tapered candles.


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