Double Wicked Seashell Sand Candle

I got the seashell sand candle idea from Bob Sherman’s Candle Making book.

It’s one of the most detailed and informative books I have read on candle making.  He’s a well known candle maker and has been at it since 1971.

The only drawback to the book is that it doesn’t have much information on vegetable waxes. You can find out more about him and read some of his free updated articles at One Stop Candle.

To make the sand candle you can either press your hand or an object into the wet sand to make a shape for the mold.

For this one I just pressed the bottom of a large vase into the wet sand. I wanted a wide one and had some extra wax to use.

For sand candles you need to heat the wax a little hotter than usual before you pour it. I used two wicks so it would burn better. It was easy straightening out the wicks since they had paper cores and tabs to hold them down.

I added the seashells around the edge after pouring the wax and it was ready to come out in about four hours. Before pouring I added a coconut scent since I thought it would match with a seashell/beach theme.  Next time I would like to make a more interesting shape but it was fun.

If you want to see it in action, check out David Constable’s video demonstration on how to make a sand candle.


  1. zig says

    Depending on how deep the shell was I would have used either a votive or a tea candle as a base and then poured wax or wax beads around it.


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