Feathering Palm Wax Flower Pillar

This is the palm pillar that I made with my daughter the other day. Palm is perfect for pillars and it looks so pretty with its sparkling patterns.

It also throws a scent very well and doesn’t require additives. In fact, if you add additives it might mess the feathering effect up.

Also, if the palm wax cools down too quickly, it might not feather either.  I learned this the hard way when making votives.

This time, we warmed the mold in the oven before pouring the wax and that helped. Palm wax needs to be heated up to 200 F (93 C) and poured at about 190 F (88 C). We used a cotton wick, which seems to work well with palm pillars.

I think the last time I made palm candles, it was the summer, so the temperature wasn’t an issue.  Besides that, palm is very low maintenance because you don’t need a second pour of wax and it slips out of the mold easily without any sort of mold release.  Palm wax is great to work with because it’s so lovely and it burns well for a long time.

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