Find Massage Candles or Make Your Own

Body massage candle

Massage candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day because they double as both candles and massage oil.

After a romantic candlelit dinner, you can use the candle for pouring onto your sweetheart’s body for a soothing massage! The soy wax melts at a lower temperature, so it shouldn’t be too hot.

Scandle sells massage candles with romantic scents such as sex on the beach, kisses and chocolate dipped strawberries.

If you’re alone, you can still use the candle as a moisturizer as it’s enriched with vitamin E. You can also find massage candles at Skinny Dip Candles or Lux Vivens,.

Try making your own massage candles!

Most soy wax made for containers is generally skin safe as it has natural ingredients and melts at a low temperature. Double check that it’s actually skin safe anyway. The Soup Queen suggests using Nature Wax.

If you want more skin softening properties, try an ounce of almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter or cocoa butter. Add a wick and essential oil before pouring your massage mixture into a container. Small jars or decorated tins work well.

For full fun instructions, see Soap Queen TV – Massage Candles video on how to make skin safe soy massage candles.


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