Firestarter Candles for Camping

We just got home from camping and I couldn’t get online anywhere. It was fun but it’s good to be back.

We made some fire starter candles from dryer lint and wax. This is a great way to recycle egg cartons and dryer lint and it’s more effective than newspaper alone since it doesn’t burn out as quickly.

Our last night at the campsite there was a huge rainstorm but I was able to light a fire easily with a fire starter candle. We brought a few things to cook on the fire so it was important to have one. For a video demonstration on how to make fire starter candles see Homemade Fire Starter Tutorial.

In an emergency you could also use a buddy burner which is a mini stove you make out of a tin can, cardboard, wax and a wick. See buddy burner instructions for more.

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