Fruit and Veggy Candles at Artful Ways

Pepper CandlesWhile browsing for art today, I came across Steven Cuthbert’s Artful Ways. In the functional art section, all the products featured happen to be candles.

Selections include strawberries drizzled in chocolate, peppers, pinecones and frogs. Some of the more unusual featured candles were squash blossoms and perismmon, apparently one of their most popular.

I prefer the peppers and think they look the most realistic although are admittedly slightly warped. Fragrances to match the colors are orange buttercup, green tea, red mulberry and yellow lemongrass. Strange fragrances for peppers, but pleasant nonetheless.

At Artful Ways there are also some beautiful bronze sculptures of women and men in various poses and a graphic design section with plenty of unique designs to choose from.


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