Fuel Gel Candles Officially Banned in Suffolk County

Michael Hubbard was severely burned when a gel-fueled firepot exploded in May 2011.

On August 16, 2011, Suffolk County officially banned the gel-fuel by passing “Michael’s Law”. This will hopefully help prevent other families from the same fate. Michael remains in serious condition at the hospital.

Also, almost half a million pots of gel-fuel have been recalled by Napa Home and Garden.  The pots do not have wicks and it’s hard to see whether they’re still burning, which may lead people to try to relight them. To make matters worse, when the gel is lit, it’s difficult to put out and sticks to the skin.

According to CPSC, there have now been 23 reports of burn injuries from gel-fuel. If you still have either NAPAFire or FIREGEL fuel, you’re advised to return it for a refund.


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