Fun Food Candles Offer Recipes on Labels

Are you tired of being teased with mouth watering food smells in candles? Cook With Lisa has combined her love of food with recipes and cooking lessons if you want them!

The scented candles offered so far at the shop include: pineapple flambé, shortbread, apple pie and raspberry sorbet. The full recipe is supplied on the candle label so that you can actually taste the real dish rather than just smell it.

Also, they’re practical recipes! “All my recipes are easy to make with ingredients you will be able to find without having to spend half a day trawling expensive specialist shops”, says Lisa. That’s one of my pet peeves. I like trying new things, but it drives me mad trying to sort out/find ingredients that I’ve never heard of!

Many candle lovers also love food, so it makes sense to combine the two.  To see the candle range or to grab some free recipes, go to Cook With Lisa.


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