Fun Simple Candle Holder Projects

safety pin candle holdersAt (Cool Crafts for Kewl Kids) they have the coolest candle holder projects. My favorite is their safety pin teas light holders which are made out of colored metallic safety pins strung with beads.

You will need:

  1. 36 colored safety pins, size 2 (You can use regular silver or gold safety pins instead if you want)
  2. Metallic pony beads
  3. Crystal faceted beads
  4. Tea lights
  5. Metallic cord

See for full instructions on the safety pin tea light holders.

candle lantern Here’s another easy project that would be fun to make with the family. All you need is wax paper, craft (popsicle) sticks, oval woodsies (hearts , diamonds or stars would be pretty too), tacky glue and a small candle in a votive cup. A variation I’d like to try on this one is to paint the wood pieces different colors, but the full instructions for the basic craft stick lantern can be found here.


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