Get Candle Samples at The Crafty Sampler

If you’d like to sample handmade candles or crafts, The Crafty Sampler is a fun option. A small box contains 10 homemade samples and the large box contains 11 to 20.

I imagine the number depends on the size of the samples. Besides votive candles and tarts, you’ll receive bath and body products and there’s now a new baby care line as well.

On the other hand, if you want to become a contributor, it’s a good way to advertise your handmade candles or crafts. If you sign up for a month, you commit to sending in 20 samples. Of course the more you send in, the more people get to see your products.  Also, if you send in 50 samples, you get a free sample box.

It sounds like a fun idea and a great way for smaller candle makers and crafters to get exposure. For more info see The Crafty Sampler.


  1. Toynga says

    All I have to say is, I have known Paulina for a while now and I purchased a Sampler box a while back and it was like Christmas!

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