Giveaway from Pure Integrity Soy Candles

If you’re looking for a clean burning, highly scented candle that lasts, Pure Integrity Soy Candles might be for you.

Teresa and her husband Jeff Schumacher teamed up to start their candle making business in their kitchen. They later expanded into a factory that supplies three stores, along with several boutiques and salons.

Pure Integrity Soy Candles have been showcased in Business First, Women’s World Magazine, Buffalo News and have been interviewed locally on ABC and CBS multiple times.

They admit their first experimental candles were horrible, but after much trial and error came up with their “Innovative Fragrance Technology”, which allows them to use 50% more fragrance than regular scented candles. “Our fragrances are so pure and so realistic they will knock your socks off!”

The Soy Candle Giveaway

For this giveaway, Pure Integrity Soy Candles is offering the winner (US resident) a 16oz candle worth $19.99 of their choice. There are 70 scents to choose from, but I’d probably go for blueberry, apple crisp, pumpkin pie, fresh linen or summer bouquet.

Everyone who enters the contest will get an opportunity to post a candle making/candle business question here and Jeff and Teresa will personally respond and answer.

We won’t be grading your questions, so will simply draw a number to pick a winner on July 5th. The winner will still have to ask Jeff and Teresa a question here though. Good luck winning one of these wonderful soy candles from Pure Integrity Soy Candles!


  1. says

    What a great idea!

    So what would be the best way to keep from getting the settling in the candles when pouring them? I’ve tried soy candles before, but got frustrated by that and haven’t made any since, but I really like the scent of soy candles and want to have more in my home.

  2. Annina says

    Nice! I wonder how they make non-organic scents, like baby powder or ocean breeze?

  3. says

    Oh I can’t express how much I love candles!

    My question would be: With your amazing selection of scents to choose from, how long does it take to develop a scent you like and want to start making a part of your line? In all your scent experimenting, have you ever made a scent that was turned out nothing like you expected to? (Sorry for two questions, but they seemed linked and relevant to each other to me haha!)

  4. says

    Do you have a wholesale or private label line of candles? I make soaps but find that working a 50 hour week then taking care of family and pets as well as my business I don’t have the time to do my own candles. Not withstanding the added expense of molds and ingredients.

    I would be very interested in a private label line if you have that available.

  5. says

    Do you have a favorite scent? with so many to choose from which would you take to that deserted island with you?

  6. says

    I’d love a chance to try one of their candles–I’ve always been curious about soy candles. I’ve always wondered why more candle-makers do not utilize soy given the benefits?

  7. Amy L says

    I’ve seen soy candles with wooden wicks. Do you know what are the benefits or differences from other types of wicks?

  8. says

    How do you keep candles from from melting in extreme temperatures? Where is the best place to keep them protected from the heat?

  9. Lane' says

    I’m curious how you scent your candles? I see they are Phthalate free, are they scented with essential oils? Thank you!

  10. Patricia Perry says

    I love andle but have never had soy candles. What makes all the difference

  11. MelodyJ says

    I love the scent list. My questionis: Out of all the crafts and business options what made you pick candle making?


  12. ChrisTea says

    Nice giveaway! I was told that soy candles were really soft and didn’t last long because of that reason. Is this true?

  13. says

    How much scent/oil do you put into the candles? I always wondered that. Is there a trial and error where some have too much scent and others don’t have enough, or do you just have a set amount that you add to each one?

  14. says

    Hello everyone – I am Jeff Schumacher, my wife (Teresa) and I are the founders of Pure Integrity Candles. We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful questions and kind comments. Every day we will answer several questions and I promise we will get to all of them.

    Teresa or I will do our best to answer the questions in the order they were asked; however, I thought it would be best to start by answering a couple of the personal questions. This way we get to know each other a little bit better.

    #18 Melodyj asked “Out of all the crafts and business options what made you pick candle making?”

    I don’t feel we picked the candle business, it was more like it picked us. In short, Teresa was a candle lover and very artistic. I was a businessman/entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. One day we saw black soot on our walls, computer and TV.

    When we realized it was from our “good quality” paraffin candles we decided to search for healthier alternatives. At that time the soy candle market did not even exist and Teresa was determined! And trust me, when Teresa is determined, there is no stopping her.

    That was one of those things that I loved about her when we met. As a matter of fact, I loved her determination so much – I hired her. Yes, you heard right, we first met when I was interviewing her for a job in the fitness industry. Excuse my tangent, back to the question at hand.

    Anyhow, we initially had no intentions of getting into the candle business, until 1 1/2 years later when we invented a unique fragrance technology that allowed our candle to be healthier and stronger scented. That was the birth of Pure Integrity Candles.

    You can read more about our crazy beginnings at on our “about us page.”

    #11 Turtle asked an extremely personal question “what scented candle would I take on a deserted island, if I could only have one?” Now, now, turtle. . . That might be a little too personal, but I am going to take a risk and answer it anyhow.

    If Teresa was on the island with me, I would bring her favorite. But if I was all alone, it would have to be VANILLA. Our vanilla candle is simply awesome, it always makes me feel “at home.” It is one of those scents, I never get sick of burning.

  15. says

    Next question is #2 from AJ

    “So what would be the best way to keep from getting the settling in the candles when pouring them?”

    Great question AJ. Back when we first started it was even more difficult because the soy wax was not as good of quality as it is today. It took us over a year to perfect this, but today it is much easier. I will give you the technique/secret, as long as you promise not to share it with anyone. ha ha

    The secret is to pour your wax when it is very thick and at a much cooler temperature than most candle makers think. The wax should be as cool and thick as possible, while still achieving a flat surface when you pour the wax into the jar.

    It is impossible to give you an exact temperature because fragrances, waxes, room temperature and humidity are all variables that fluctuate; however, usually between 95° and 115°. You will have to do some testing to perfect it.

    Most mass-produced candles are unable to pour wax at such cool temperatures. Therefore, they usually do a top pour (second pour) after the first pour has solidified. But this mass produced approach produces a far inferior candle.

    I hope this helps!

    We will be answering more tomorrow – good night.

  16. says

    I always wanted to do candle making but always thought it was such a messy craft… Is there anyway to make candles in a small space and without making a huge mess?

  17. says

    Next questions are #5 from Tracy and a somewhat related question #31 from Emily C

    “Approximately, how many candles do you make per month?”

    Personally I do not make that many candles anymore, about 200 to 300. I am usually working on new fragrances and new product lines.

    On average our Pure Integrity team make almost 10,000 candles per month. Keep in mind, we have three or four people dedicated to pouring and two others dedicated to preparing jars, trimming wicks, lidding, labeling and stocking.

    And Emily’s question was “Do you ever get bored of making candles?”

    If I was making all of those candles myself, I would not be bored, I would be exhausted. But in all seriousness, I do not get bored, it is very relaxing and soothing to my soul.

    I will often put on my favorite praise and worship music and spend time thanking God for all of my blessings. Or I love to listen to audio books and gain knowledge. Or if I feel my soul has prospered enough and my brain has prospered enough, I might listen to political talk radio (which is the only time I do not find candle making calming – if you know what I mean).

  18. Carole Gaither says

    I have bought soy candles in the past and the biggest problem I have is the wick always sinks down into the melted wax. Is there some technique for keeping it upright?


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