Gothic Martha Stewart…It’s a goth thing

CandlesTrystan L. Bass from the Gothic Martha Stewart site shares how to make elegant embossed candles. For this project you will need:

  1. Pillar Candles
  2. Tissue Paper
  3. Rubber Stamps
  4. Pigment Ink Pads
  5. Embossing Powders
  6. Embossing tool or heat gun

I find the metallic embossing powder striking, especially when combined with a black or dark red colored candle. Things are not always sunshine and roses so let’s leave the pastel blues and pinks out for a change. For detailed instructions on embossing your candles goth style, see the Gothic Martha Stewart’s instructions.

If you’re feeling inspired to display your creation in a goth like atmosphere, try your hand at a decoupage table, but don’t forget to draw all the blinds to block the sunshine for the full “It’s a bad thing” effect when complete.


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