Halloween Candle Craft Ideas

These Halloween candle projects are perfect for family crafting fun. They’re also good for decorating your home in a hurry before the trick or treaters come.

Cathie Filan from Domestic in the City teaches you how to create this quick and inexpensive Halloween candle display.

She used wooden letters and tall candles all purchased from the dollar store. Visit Dollar Store Halloween Candles for the full tutorial.

Liz Demos from Country Living shows you how to make these spooky Halloween candle wraps with velum paper and double sided tape.

When you’re ready to decorate for Xmas, tear it off and tape on a new holiday design! See Halloween Candle Craft for more.


Visit Family Fun to try a Halloween votive holder full of eyeballs. All you’ll need for this candle craft is construction paper, hole punch, paint and Mod Podge.

You could also try cutting out cat shapes, ghosts or jack-o’-lanterns. See CandleEybra for easy instructions.



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