Hand Painted Candle Tart and Oil Burners

Today I stumbled across these gorgeous hand painted electric tart burners by CandleWacks. They are custom made after you place your order and special requests are welcome by the artist who enjoys creating new designs.

Cat Meow Candle BurnerPictured here is the adorable “Cat Meow” design. I love the country blue trim touch. They have 50 more designs coming soon. Most of their tart burners have a cozy country feel to them and each will be uniquely yours since they’re individually hand painted.

If you get excited about bargains like me, you’ll also want to check out CandleWacks sale page. You can purchase a set of 24 scented votive candles that burn for 8 to 10 hours for $14.40, which is only sixty cents a candle.

CandleWacks also has a fun project page where you can make a hot chocolate candle with their simple instructions. It’s very well made, but I would dye mine a little darker so no one would mistake it for beer.


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