Hand Rolled Cinnamon Bun Candle Instructions

Starla from Wicks and Wax was kind enough to share her instructions for making cinnamon bun candles without the mold. This very detailed and well written tutorial is free! I’ve seen people charge for less. She does offer the option of purchasing a kit, but that’s obviously not mandatory.

You’ll need: cinnamon roll fragrance oil, candle wax, wicks, real cinnamon, a pizza pan, scissors and a knife.

As Starla says,” You don’t need a lot of fancy expensive molds for the cinnamon roll.  Why waste all that money on molds, when candle making can be inexpensive, after all what you really want is fun, not expense.” You got that right. I’m hunting down my cinnamon! See Candle Making Instructions: Cinnamon Buns for the full tutorial and let me know how it went if you try it.

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