Hanging Bottle Candles

hanging bottle candle holderI found this candle holder today and I love it! I still don’t know where the heck to hang it but it’s pictured here hanging off our mail box.

It’s a nice variation on the bottle because you see people sticking tapered candles in the other end all the time. It was dragged around for a few hours today and took a couple bumps on the bus so I’m grateful it got home in one piece.

If you want to see some other interesting candle holders with wine bottles, check out these wine bottle topper candle holders from Woman’s Place.


  1. Tinker says

    I got some of these old wine bottle with bottom cut off and a wire contraption that holds the votive at the bottom and extends out the neck of the bottle with a hook for hanging. They were available at Garden Ridge probably ten years ago, and I haven’t been able to find any since. Any leads on where you got yours and where it was made?

  2. HeatherJ says

    I got 2 of these at the kansas city Market in August,2011(this yr) at a little booth, they had the ones with chimes too, $5 a piece, YES $5 a piece! I am kicking myself now trying to find the name of the people that were selling them, I want more for myself and gifts!


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