Heart Shaped Candles

Tatyana PostovykThere are all kinds of things you could use for creating a heart shaped candle such as candy and/or soap molds but these steel ones look  sturdy that I found at OneStopCandle.com.

One Stop Candle has seven different molds to choose from and they look like they would stand the test of time.

heart moldAnother option is to use cookie cutters. You can make a very pretty layered candle this way and it would look great with different colors. It can be tricky inserting the wick through all the layers though.

Heart shaped candles are nice any time of year but I’m getting busy preparing for Valentines day.

If you want a quick easy candle holder project, check out these heart transfer candle holders I posted about previously.

If you want to bypass making your own candle altogether, Cheeky Chick sells a bunch of pretty chunky looking heart shaped candles in various colors.

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