Hot Fudge Sundae & Pumpkin Tart Projects

hot fudgeHere’s a couple hands on projects for those who want to create some yummy candles. offer many other candle making projects for free. I chose these two because they look so delicious and we can make them smell good enough to eat.

The hot fudge sundae is made with wax and vanilla scent although I would suggest adding chocolate scent but I’m a chocolate fiend. The cherry on top is a nice touch also. You can just roll up a little soft red or pink wax into a ball for that. See the Hot Fudge Sundae project page for full instructions.

pumpkin tartsFor the spiced pumpkin tart they used a little aluminum pie tin and explain how to make the pie shell and crimp the edges. Sounds fun without the calories. I love pumpkin pie but it doesn’t last around here. Pumpkin candles can be enjoyed much longer. Check out the Spiced Pumpkin Tart project on CraftBits for more.



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