How to Make Fire Starters

Fire starters are perfect for rainy camps, emergency kits and getting fires going in a hurry. We’re going camping this summer, so I thought I’d get a jump start on preparations. This project is also a great way to recycle things that would normally get thrown out.

Supplies for Fire Starters

The supplies you need are simple and include: an egg carton, candle wax and dryer lint. I’ve also seen people make them in those little paper muffin cups, but I like the messy egg carton method.

Instructions for Fire Starters

I may have been a little skimpy with the dryer lint because I didn’t have that much. First, you stuff each compartment full of lint and then you melt the wax. Leftover wax is good if you have it. Sawdust is also effective in place of dryer lint.

Before you pour the wax over the dryer lint, make sure you have something underneath to catch leaking wax!

Unfortunately, this does happen. The lid of the egg carton works well for this. Finally, wait for it to harden and break the fire starters off as you need them.

It’s a quick fun project that’s also practical, because fire starters come in extremely handy when nothing else will light.

If you have any bits of leftover wax that you don’t know what to do with, you should try it too!


  1. Sweetharsh says

    coffee grounds work well too instead of dryer lint if there’s a fear of plastics.

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