How to Set Up Candle Craft Displays

Soap By The Loaf was kind enough to share how they achieved an effective display for craft shows or flea markets. I love this simple, affordable and attractive booth display!

Often you only get a 10 x 10 booth space, so you have to get creative with your space.

To create different levels, all they did was balance a couple of boards on milk cartons and cover them with fabric.  The two tiers allow customers to see everything better and they give you more space to display your candles, soaps or crafts.  To get more details, see Setting Up a Flea Market Display.


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    I am looking for ways to set up my craft shows. I sell recycled wine bottles which have been turned into various items including soy candles. I have such a hard time when it comes to what and how much to take. Mainly because of the weight. I am looking for new ideas for booth setup and transportation ideas for the candles,


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