Hurricane Seashell Candle Project

I had some seashells that I’ve wanted to do something with, so decided to try making a hurricane candle holder.

First, I filled a large metal mold with wax and let it harden for about an hour. Then I pierced the film of hardened wax and poured most of it back into the pot.

This left a shell of wax that was soft enough to embed seashells into. While that was hardening, I heated the remaining wax back up on the stove.

Finally, I filled the mold up with wax again and left it for another hour or so until it sealed the seashells into the wax.  I also used a heat gun on the outside of the candle, just to make some of the seashells pop a little.

You can buy specialty wax that’s specifically for hurricane candles because it’s extra clear and hard, but I just winged this one with paraffin pillar wax.

The seashells are a nice touch in the summer and I like how all the different shapes glow after adding a tea light. You can also do this with dried flowers, beads or just about anything you can seal in wax.  I’ve seen some pretty hurricanes done with photographs as well.


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