Ice cream float candles

Starla and Lisa share how to make an ice cream float candle. Their instructions are easy to follow and I love the fact that they include many pictures and are not afraid to get down and dirty. Supplies needed for this project:

  1. Metal Ice-cream scoop
  2. Hand held mixer
  3. Knife
  4. Hard paraffin wax
  5. Color blocks of your choice. (Brown is good for fudge.)
  6. Pizza pans
  7. Vintage ice cream dishes or waffle cone glasses. (I found a set of six for $25.00 at Smucker’s Online Store)
  8. Scent (I suggest to go for chocolate)
  9. Roasting pan


To make the ice-cream scoops, they first whip the wax in the roasting pan and then scoop it when it looks hard enough. It really does look like ice cream.

For chocolate syrup, they drizzle the melted brown wax onto the ice cream scoops and then add wax strawberries. A mold is handy for that, but you could always make round red balls and call them cherries. To make translucent looking syrup, try using gel wax. (Gold for butterscotch, red for strawberry, blue for blueberry etc.)

For more details, see Starla and Lisa’s instructions. Feel free to share any ideas or methods that you have with us.



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