Jazz up tealights with sparkles

tealightsI was just watching “She’s Crafty” on HGTV, a  channel we’re trying out and they had this simple idea for jazzing up tealights. She suggests applying glue to the sides of the tealights and then rolling them in sparkles.

Sorry I don’t have a pic of it but it’s a fun way to dress up the plain white ones that you can buy in bulk. I happened to find these ones at 100Candles.

They did some other fun things on this particular episode as well such as making a homemade body sugar scrub. I thought it sort of strange that she seemed surprised that they still made vegetable shortening which was one of the ingredients for the scrub.  I love to bake but got the feeling from the show it was no longer the hip thing to do!


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    Well, Sandra williams, i submitted a project into craftbits.com,(a candle craft) and i was wondering if you knew anything about it?!? it was called ‘a teddy bear drinking candle’ or something like that….

    i was also wondering if you could help me. i was wondering what sort of candle i could make for my parents for christmas. any ideas??? something that could go with with colour red…

    email me back!!! thanks

    btw the craft above is great!

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    No, I haven’t seen that one Timee and was just there today. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I like the rub on transfer idea for clear glass candle holders because the possibilities are endless.

    As for the actual candles, I’m still on the hunt for more ideas myself so will share as I find them. There’s a cute snowman made with a mold I posted earlier.

    Hand rolled beeswax candles always go over well also and you could add some sparkles to them and wrap a few with a festive ribbon. :)

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